Sunday, 13 January 2019


Dave Greally.

Not much to report in the last month with only one good fish to note. Most of the members got caught up in the Christmas shopping and festivities but at least Dave Greally managed to get out and catch two Pike the one above and the Yorkshire river cracker weighing in at 18lb pictured below. The December club trip was cancelled due to the low turnout expected and adverse weather conditions. The members are now looking forward to the new year ahead and what might be in store. We are hoping that we can continue to catch some very good Pike in the months ahead. We hope that all our readers around the world have a great 2019.
Dave and his Christmas cracker.

Tuesday, 4 December 2018


A Quiet Month For SENPAC but Chris Caught This One At 15lb.

A very quiet month all round for the lads with only two decent fish being caught. First one fell to the rods of Chris Graham on our monthly club trip to one of our favourite Cumbrian venues. On what turned out to be a beautiful, warm autumnal day Chris also caught a smaller fish at 8lb and fellow angler Bruce Turnbull also caught one weighing in at 7lb. As for the rest of us we just enjoyed our day out. As usual the wildlife took our attention and out came the cameras. One Robin was extremely tame and enjoyed the photoshoot as well as giving us a timely reminder that Christmas was on the way.
"Smile Please"

A Gentle Reminder That Christmas Was On The Way.

Bruce Turnbull and Dave Greally are still having success down in Yorkshire and Bruce came up trumps with this lovely 16lb river fish pictured below.

A Sunday Special For Bruce.

Another successful SENPAC year is nearly over and we look forward to hopefully catching some crackers in December. In closing we would like to wish all our fellow anglers and readers of our blog around the world a very Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018


Eventually The Storm Subsided.

The region's Jolly Boys outing to Scotland was eagerly awaited by those participating but the weather had different ideas. Storm Callum came in big style from the Atlantic and the first two days of our Pike fishing were far from jolly. Extremely strong winds and torrential rain caused flooding and water levels rose dramatically. Finding somewhere to fish proved virtually impossible as water enveloped most of the favourable spots. SENPAC members are hardy guys and it did not stop them from giving it a go. Paul Proctor and Steve Sandiford decided that bank fishing was a no hoper and decided to do a spot of Kayak fishing. They covered a fair distance over water but even after a couple of days they were not to be rewarded for their efforts. Luckily some small Pike were caught by Bruce Turnbull, Dave Greally, Dave Gardner and Peter Armstrong on day one. The first of the Winter Pike matches was due to be fished on the second day but this was quickly cancelled and the other members travelling across on the day were advised not to travel. Highlight of this day was Paul Patterson's first ever Pike weighing in at just under 12lbs. Two members who were going to travel on the day re routed to a Cumbrian fishery with new member Mike Halligan celebrating with his first two Pike. Day three and we started to dry out. We were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Water levels still high but starting to subside. Paul Patterson, Dave Gardner and Peter Armstrong had a change of venue but still caught while Bruce Turnbull and Mike Bell enjoyed a bit of sunbathing catching a handful of Pike as well.

Paul Celebrates With His First Ever Pike.

One For Mr Turnbull.

Dave Gardener Short On Bank Space.

Peter Armstrong.

As usual everyone enjoyed the outing but hopefully next time the weather will be a little kinder. As for the rest of the month Dave Greally and Bruce Turnbull were back again in Yorkshire catching some nice fish. Peter Armstrong and Dave Gardner returned to Scotland and caught a few fish. We now look forward to the weeks ahead and hopefully some nice Pike will be caught.



Thursday, 4 October 2018


It usually takes a couple of weeks for one of our members to come up with an early season 20lb Pike but not for Dave Greally's  son Aaron who got off to a flyer catching this 21lb 10 oz fish. That has set the target for the rest of the lads. Plenty going on in October with our  Jolly Boys outing rapidly approaching together with round one of our Winter Pike series, and in early November a trip to Menteith for those fortunate enough to get drawn out of the hat at the PAC convention. September was a quiet month with a few members on holiday but Dave Gardner's son Wayne caught a nice double figure Carp and Chris Graham continued to catch at a local water. Peter Armstrong took time out to catch some Trout even though the conditions on the day were not favourable.

Nice Double Figure Carp For Wayne.

Chris Carping Again.

Lakeland Heron.

Thursday, 6 September 2018


Summer League Match Venue.

The Summer days are now fading away and it is only a few weeks before the new Pike season will commence. The members of the region have had a successful last few months with some good catches of Carp, Bream, Roach etc. Paul Proctor triumphed in lifting the Summer League series. Not even a close run event this year as Paul powered away with a total winning weight of 69lbs 5ozs. Runner up in the event was Mike Bell with Bruce Turnbull claiming third place. 

Paul With Another Nice Carp.

Local waters have been providing some good catches and Bruce Turnbull caught this very dark Bream on one of his latest trips.

Bruce Into The Bream.

Well in a nutshell that was our SENPAC Summer. We are now looking forward and setting our sights on some big Pike. Find out what we have been up to in the weeks ahead and what we have been catching by checking out our blog. 

Monday, 13 August 2018


A Happy Mike Haligan.

Pictured above  Mike who won round two of the region's Summer series. After two rounds Paul Proctor leads the competition with Dave Greally and Bruce Turnbull sharing second place at the moment. All to play for as we head into August and the final two rounds. 

                                         Mike Bell And A Nice Bream.

You never know what the members get up to during the Summer months. Steve the Salmon and Barbel man has been out in his kayak off the North East coast catching Codling and Pollack. Later in the month Steve was back on the river when he managed to coax out this 10lb fish on a trotted shrimp.
Steve Down On The River Again.

Bruce Turnbull has been down in Yorkshire again  trying to catch a big Barbel which at this time are eluding him. Not that Bruce is complaining as he is catching some nice Chub like the five pounder pictured below.

Peter Waiting For That Elusive Bite.

A Mixed Bag.

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Dave Greally with one of his nice Yorkshire Bream.

The region is now in full swing as the members pursue some quality coarse fish. Some very good Bream, Tench and Carp have been caught this last month by Dave Greally, Bruce Turnbull, Paul Proctor and Chris Graham. Dave Gardner has had good success on some of the local waters and Mike Bell caught some nice Roach and Rudd at a Lake District venue. Steve Sandiford has been trying his luck down on the River Wye with reasonable success.

Bruce and another nice Tench.

New member Mike and his first Tench.

The first of the club's annual Summer matches took place during the month. The highly sought after Golden Maggot trophy was contested by eight of the members at a local water. On the day the weather was extremely warm and the fish were not in a cooperative mood. Low weights all round for those who did catch. The winner on the day was Dave Greally who retained the trophy from the previous year.

Golden Maggot venue.

Dave Greally wins the Golden Maggot trophy.

Our Summer series of matches will be taking place in July and August and we will be reporting on the results of these events in future region updates.