Friday, 2 April 2021




           The last month of the Pike season put a few smiles on the members faces. Still fishing locally the majority of the Pike caught were on the small side but any fish are better than drawing blanks. Pictured above one of our latest recruits Jon with his first ever Pike that weighed in at 12lbs and caught on his second trip. Since that first fish Jon has captured another two and is now looking for a bigger one. The region is now gearing up for the months ahead which will include looking for some big Carp and other freshwater species. Dates are set to be announced soon for the monthly Summer matches which are well contested. Our trophy year ends on the 31st March each year and this last year because of Covid some of the matches were cancelled. Hopefully full steam ahead soon without any Covid complications.      



Tuesday, 2 March 2021



After another very quiet month the fishing is starting to pick up again. The region's members have been out and about on local waters and some have managed to catch some small Pike on lures and deadbaits. With only one month of our Pike season left and travel restrictions still in place it will be these waters that will hopefully provide some bigger fish for those who want the season to finish on a high note. After that we will be putting the Pike gear away until October and setting our sights on other coarse species. Last year the region's Golden Maggot match was the only club competition held with the four match Summer series being cancelled and of course the monthly Winter Pike matches also being stopped by the pandemic. 

Wednesday, 3 February 2021




Probably the quietest month for the region in many years. A few fish in early January summed the month up. Most of the members have remained indoors just not due to lockdown but the bad weather as well has knocked any close to home trips. All we can do now is wait until the weather improves  and the travel restrictions are lifted. Some of our members were due to fish the PAC Lake Of Menteith event in early March but at this point in time it does appear that the event will probably be cancelled. A decision is to be made in a few days time. The cancelled region's Jolly Boys outing from last October was also due to take place in late March but once again looks in doubt. It looks as though this month will be a quiet one as well but we are all looking forward to hopefully getting out for the last few weeks of the Piking season.


Thursday, 7 January 2021

What A Difference A Day Makes - Government U Turn Allows Fishing To Continue.

 Well that is certainly good news for all anglers. The government have now responded to the representations of the Angling Trust and have now agreed that angling can take place in the third national lockdown. Although our members will not be able to travel far it means that at least we will be able to get out on the bank on our local waters.

Wednesday, 6 January 2021



Andy Gets His Christmas Cracker.

Pictured above Andy Eland with a nice Pike caught on one of his recent trips.
December still provided a few fish for some of our members who ventured out to nearby waters in an attempt to stay sane in these uncertain times. We are now in the new year and at this point in time find ourselves deep in lockdown for at least a couple of months. We all look forward to the brighter days ahead but it looks as though the rest of this season's Pike fishing has probably been brought to an 
abrupt halt.  Pictured below some more December Pike.

Those of you who follow Bruce Turnbull and his Anglers Diary A Moment In Time Channel on You Tube will be aware that he has been searching for a specimen Perch the last few months. Unfortunately despite spending many hours on the bank he was unable to succeed. Fortunately the region has a few jokers in the pack and Bruce got what he wanted for Christmas from fellow member Peter Armstrong.

On that note we will wish all our readers around the world a good 2021 with many tight lines for you all.

Friday, 4 December 2020



                                            No Stopping Andy.        

Another good month for the region with Andy Eland continuing in November where he left off in October. Two more nice fish and at this moment in time he is also in line to lift a couple of the club's trophies that will be presented at the end of the season. Andy has set a good target for the rest of the members to catch and I am sure that before the end of next March even bigger Pike will have fallen to his rods.


    Success also for some of the lads who managed to get out during the month.


                                  Wayne Gardner - Better Than A Blank

                                           Bruce Turnbull - Another Double.

The  region was formed in December 1995 so this next month it celebrates its 25th anniversary and we are all looking forward to many more years of success. The year is coming to an end and what a year we have all had to endure, but we are finishing on a more happy note with the news of the covid vaccine and hopefully 2021 will be a much better year for everyone. We wish all our followers and their families around the world a Merry Christmas. Stay safe and stay healthy.



Sunday, 1 November 2020



                                  What A Start To The Season For Andy      

Talk about off to a flyer. Only a few hours into the new Pike season and Andy Eland has a reason to be smiling. Seven Pike in total the four biggest totalling over 82lbs in weight with the best tipping the scales at 24lb 2oz. An amazing effort to say the least. Andy's fishing partner also got in the act with two twenties as well.          



So Andy has set the standard early in the season and it just remains to see if any of the other members can better his haul and top his 24lb plus fish. This season has already had some down points though and the region's  Jolly Boys outing had to be cancelled and re arranged for next year. The first club match was due to coincide with the trip as well but after discussion was also cancelled. Some of the members who had intended going decided to head down to Yorkshire for some Piking. We also had region members on the PAC event on Menteith this month but it has just been confirmed  that this will not be going ahead. October did provide some more Pike to those who ventured out.


                               Steve Back On One Of Our Local Waters.


                                         Paul's Been Back In Yorkshire.