Friday, 29 April 2016

April 2016 - Fishing Frustrations

As we come to the end of April our members piking is all but over, with only the occasional trip over the border for one or two of our diehards to look forward to. By now I think the generally held anticipation should have been that we would all be off fishing for other things, however this year's transition to boilies, bedchairs and bolt-rigs, or wagglers and weigh-ins, or even pheasant tails and hare's ears has become mired in the gradual slide back into winter that we have had to endure as the month past developed. It's snowing outside the window as I write this!

I predicted in last month's blog that April may well be a fairly quiet month and so it has turned out.So,what to talk about at April's SENPAC gathering in the Northumbrian Piper? Well a look back over the receding month's fishing didn't take very long because most of those present hadn't been out that much with rod in hand. The only high-spot for the period turned out to be the first fish caught at the start of a four day session north of the border for Dave Greally and daughter Faye. A lovely post spawn fish of 19lb-8oz must have increased anticipation levels for the rest of the visit no end, but unfortunately such anticipation was ultimately un- rewarded. Whilst another twenty four fish came to the net, none came close to that early beauty.
Dave Greally

So with the fishing past reviewed the discussion moved on to the piking to come and next season's plans for both SENPAC's regional outings as well as our traditional, November trip. I think that there was a feeling that we may have been a little premature in our forward view, that was certainly an opinion rehearsed by our newsletter editor but as with all "democratic" organisations canvassing opinion is one thing, arriving at decisions a completely different matter. And so it was that a goodly proportion of a somewhat brief May newsletter was taken up by requests for suggestions to begin the sometimes tortuous process of deciding when and where we are going for our monthly trips and also a couple of proposals for consideration for our November break. Just to get the discussion started you understand.

And really that is about it for this SENPAC April, never a busy month for us but particularly quiet, even by our standards. Our next gathering at "the Piper" will be on Tuesday 31st May 2016 by which time I sincerely hope we will all be fishing again somewhere, for something, with some more spring-like weather to enjoy.

It's still snowing!!