Sunday, 6 November 2016

October 2016 - Short,sharp and to the point.............

Apart from being a little late with this one it is going to be sharp, punchy, to the point and sadly very short!!

The main reason for this disappointing situation is that SENPAC have probably "enjoyed" the hardest start to a piking season that most of us here can remember. The fishing on the waters that we usually fish has been incredibly slow, yes we have been catching small jacks in numbers on both baits and lures ( mainly baits) and yes for all sorts of reasons the time that people have had available to actually fish has been lower than was to be expected, but none of our lot have had a double figure fish to report throughout the month. Not good.

We nearly enjoyed a perfect region outing during the month, that is if you measure perfection in terms of everybody present catching a fish, sadly one of our number let the team down, no names no pack-drill but Paul was as fed-up as a fed-up thing. That said nobody was exactly celebrating as the biggest fish was a 5lb'er, not that we were being ungrateful you understand but something a little larger would have been nice and it would certainly made having to endure a biblical hail storm towards the end of the day, a little easier. Still we all enjoyed a wonderful Scottish sunrise which solved a problem for our newsletter editor and provided him with his front cover image, (now you can all play guess the venue??).

I know this all begins to sound a little negative and I want to try and avoid that if I possibly can and here at SENPAC we are achieving that by adopting our usual philosophy of being a bunch of eternal optimists and focusing very much on the delights to come in November (at least one of which has already happened as I write this, report in next blog) with trips to the Lake of Menteith, our Region outing and  five days away for some on what has become known as our Jolly Boys Outing which one way or another is always a high-point of our season.

Next Region meeting Tuesday 29th November 2016, usual venue as detailed on the left.

Like Buses!......Tight Lines To All

P.S. Just watched the latest "River Piker" video on You Tube, the Northern Lure Gathering, fantastic stuff, well done Paul and Ady, thoroughly recommended viewing.