Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September 2014..............New Beginnings

The month of October and the beginning of a new piking season is always highly anticipated here at SENPAC, and every year the excitement builds amongst our members and whilst some of our number have been enjoying the odd foray north of the border there is something magical about the start of the season proper, the early morning chill, the changing colours and, perhaps an early fish and then the magic is complete..............................

These new beginnings were celebrated by our newsletter editor in his October missive which also marked the end of the SENPAC competition year for 2013/2014. The trophy winners for the season are as follows;

Biggest Fish on a Lure......................Steve Sandiford
Biggest Fish on a Club Trip...............Dave Greally
Club Trip Champion.........................Dave Greally
Biggest Fish of the Year....................Bruce Turnbull
The three remaining Region trophies are all decided by the votes of the members, Junior Angler of the Year, Pike Angler of the Year and The Stuart Mordue Trophy for contributions to SENPAC will be announced at the annual presentation evening in January 2015, but congratulations go to all of the above named.

As for the September fishing, well the continuing dry bright weather and milder temperatures have not really helped those of our number who have been piking with small numbers of modest sized fish seeming to be the order of the day even on the bigger, deeper waters. Best fish of the month went to Dave Greally at 8lb on one of his trips to Scotland. Those of us fishing for the silvers have found it a lot easier I'm pleased to say.Highlight of the September SENPAC fishing reports though was, arguably, a continuation of the story reported in last month's Blog, the search for big perch from our local commercial fisheries and that man Greally, joined this time by perch fan Bruce Turnbull, were back where they left off in August. Success came towards the end of the month with two more clonking fish .
A 2lb'er for Dave and an ounce short of 3lb for Bruce
 There is no doubt that as the new piking season progresses time will be found for more forays after the stripeys. Whilst we are all first and foremost pike fishing enthusiasts at SENPAC, there is something very special about a big perch.
As for October, well, our first club trip of the new season will see us on one of the more remote waters in south-west Scotland which over the years has become something of a favourite with the SENPAC members. This is very much a "big-sky" venue which, if we are blessed with decent weather, can be a very special place to be.
Our October meeting will take place on Tuesday 28th October 2014 at the Northumbrian Piper as usual. Plenty to talk about I suspect as the fishing will be well underway by then and of course some of our number will be looking forward to a trip to Menteith as well as SENPAC's annual jolly-boys outing to the Lakes.