Monday, 14 September 2015

August 2015 - Not Long Now

Firstly this month an apology to all of our regular followers for the delayed posting of this month's offering. Didn't quite get this sorted before being forced to put the rods away and head off to somewhere warmer which if I was being honest proved not to be the hardship that it sounds!

"Not Long Now" seemed like an appropriate title for our September Newsletter as our editor spent most of the time looking forward to the coming season of piking with some relish I have to say.
He was almost in celebratory mood over the fact that the process of selection for our 2015/2016 club trips had seemingly gone so smoothly (unusual in the extreme) and was able to confirm the final list of venues and dates. Of the waters chosen by the members there are four old favourites and two new venues including for the first time ever I think, a day on a river, all of which I suspect will have wet the appetites of a most of our number and sent them scurrying to their tackle sheds and their freezers judging by the requests that I have been receiving over the last few days about bulk bait orders. I hope that Neville's stocked up!!

Also of note during August was the conclusion of our Summer League match series which turned out to be a very close run thing. The final two rounds couldn't have been more different the first fished on a very small, heavily stocked, local pond and the finale fished high in the Durham Dales on a very large reservoir. That wasn't the only significant difference. We had a full compliment of protagonists turn out for the first of the events but then the law of sod seemed to kick-in for the final match and for a huge variety of reasons only two of our number managed to make it, which was a bit of a shame. But as I said it was a close run thing, the eventual winner by just one point, Dave Greally from Bruce Turnbull in second place. Congratulations to Dave who will pick-up his trophy at our prize giving night at the end of January 2016.

Dave Greally

Of the other fishing well Mr.Greally posted another success in the month reporting the biggest pike from one of his visits north of the border, a nice double of over 17lbs, whilst enjoying a family camping trip with daughter Faye who, not to be outdone also got in on the act catching some nice bream and silvers.
The other fishing reports from the Newsletter were the usual mixture of just about everything that swims including a nice Koi for our RO, Mike Bell. Coy and Mike Bell in the same sentence is not something I thought that I would ever see??
Mike Bell.....Coy?

Personally I can't wait until all the fishing reports are about pike!

So what to look forward to in September, well more of the same probably although I know that there are a few of SENPAC's number who will be beginning their new season's campaign in earnest so hopefully I will have some nice pike to report.
Our September club meeting will be on Tuesday 29th September 2015 at the Northumbrian Piper when all thoughts will no doubt be on the first club trip of the new season and final preparations for what we all hope  will be an enjoyable and productive season. Enjoyable is almost guaranteed, productive, well we will just have to wait and see.

Till next month.