Monday, 1 February 2016

January 2016 - Something of a Fishing Non-Event!

The general view amongst the SENPAC members appears to be that this season is rapidly becoming something of a non-event judging by the degree of frustration that was being voiced at our annual presentation of awards event a few nights ago. Those that have managed to get out have found their waters either totally un-fishable in practical terms due to flooding, or in some cases flotsam and jetsam, and even if they have managed to get baits into the water the results have proved to be very poor. The constantly fluctuating water levels, air pressures and temperatures may well be confusing the pike as much as the anglers seems to be a widely held view amongst our more active members.

With much of our piking being carried out at significant distance from our base here in the north east it is proving to be an increasing challenge as to whether it is worth the commitment in time and money to make the journey only to be defeated by the conditions. I suspect the internet browsing history's of our more committed  members over the past month will consist of a significant majority of visits to the Met Office and the SEPA and EA water level websites in desperate attempts to suss out whether the journey is worthwhile.

Even our most local water that is of any real interest has been substantially un-fishable since the end of December. Being a relatively shallow pit the almost continuous high winds have stirred the silt up and ripped up the remaining weed into huge rafts of the stuff which now line the banks such that any sensible fishing effort requires an hours hard work with a weed rake just to get a swim!

Am I beginning to sound like a "Victor" here? Perhaps. Not all bad though, we have managed the odd trip out on a day that wasn't completely inhospitable so there is always hope I guess.
The January outing to the Lincolnshire Drains was well attended bearing in mind the longish drive, however only two modest fish were caught on a day when conditions were pretty near perfect which just served to compound the sense of injustice that those that were unsuccessful no doubt shared.

Our annual awards night was a success, and congratulations must go to all of the trophy winners particularly Paul Proctor who was voted our Pike Angler of the Year as well as picking up the Regions Trip Championship.

 Paul was subjected to what has now become the traditional piss-take associated with the PAOTY award which, as usual was celebrated on the front cover of the February Newsletter.

On a sadder note, February will mark the first anniversary of the passing of Shane Patterson who, whilst not a member of our Region was a good friend, presenting the trophies at our last year's awards night. Shane was remembered in the slideshow that was part of the this year's event and is sadly missed by us all here at SENPAC. We hope to put up a team to fish the Shane Patterson/Peter Green memorial match that is being organised by the north-east and Yorkshire Region,s later in February. Cornerstones of the local PAC both and fondly remembered.

What of February, well we will be making our fourth and final attempt to fish a Yorkshire river on the 14th of the month, if this fails then we will give it best and head west to Scotland instead, speaking of which that is exactly what we hope to be doing on the 28th when we will be trying our luck on one of the better known commercial waters in Dumfrieshire.

Our February Region meeting will take place on Tuesday 23rd February at the Northumbrian Piper as usual, if you feel like joining us for the evening then feel free.