Friday, 1 August 2014

July 2014............. NOT so quiet on the SENPAC front!

It appears that a number of our SENPAC members took exception to my suggestion in last month's blog report that July and August would be a quiet time as far as their fishing was concerned. I had no sooner posted the blog when our newsletter editor began to receive fishing reports and photographs from all over the place, turning my prediction on its' head and making July one of the busiest of recent months.

Speaking of our newsletter editor, his cover story for the August issue, "Fishing in the Toilet" came as something of a surprise but turned out to be what seems is a unique solution to the interior decor of the male toilet at Matfen Hall Country Hotel, in south Northumberland, wallpaper with detailed instructions on how to go about catching just about every British freshwater fish that you can think loiter or not to loiter would be a bit of a crisis but to get a camera out and start taking pictures strikes me as a risk too far!

Kay's new pb - 8lb - 5oz
So back to the fishing action and a couple of reports to feature, firstly, and what was probably the highlight of July, a new PB for SENPAC's  matriach, Kay Needham. Kay hasn't been able to join us on our fishing trips as much as she would have liked over recent times due to health difficulties and has had to limit her outings to venues where access is easiest. So she teamed up with fellow SENPAC member Pat Hamilton to fish a local country park lake and her first run produced her new pb, a long lean fish of some age I would say which no doubt weighed a few pounds more at some stage earlier in life. Pleased doesn't come close to describing Kay's reaction and she recorded her thanks to Pat for his assistance with the netting.

Also of note this month past, SENPAC's lure fishing specialist, Steve Sandiford enjoyed success with specimen sized chub from one of our local rivers using plug type lures as well as with the pike on one of our harder local stillwaters, in the process moving into pole position for one of our annual trophies. So congratulations go to him.

Steve Sandiford's month

As forecast in last month's blog there was a deal of discussion at the July club meeting regarding the venues for the coming season's monthly club trips but eventually a list of waters and dates was arrived at. Perhaps not surprisingly the final list of six waters looked a lot like last season's choices because whilst the total number of fish caught was down a bit on previous years the average size of fish caught had improved which I suspect had some influence on the decisions made. So, subject to final approval from the membership, we will be visiting two waters in England, North Lincolnshire and Cumbria and four in Scotland's south-west which is a fairly typical mix for SENPAC's  piking year. Can't come soon enough for most of our members I suspect!
SENPAC's August club meeting will take place on the evening of Tuesday 26th August 2014 at the Northumbrian Piper, Fawdon, as usual and as the latter part of September usually sees our more enthusiastic members starting their new season's campaign I suspect much of the discussion will be about getting back to business.

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