Thursday, 6 October 2016

Oops!......Apology Time

OK guys, time for an apology. Whilst I was trying to be helpful back in the August 2016 posting by including the update on the progress of the Scottish Wild Fisheries Review (WFR) it turns out that some of what I said was in fact inaccurate, otherwise known as wrong!

 In general the update is fine and does reflect the current state of play however following an exchange of correspondence with the guys at the Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling (SFCA) they, very helpfully, pointed out that the law regarding the use of more than one rod and the use of rod rests was in fact changed many years ago. In fact the law was changed at the same time as the use of livebaits was made illegal, a battle over which an awful lot of effort was expended by both the PAC and the PAAS, all to no avail.

So for the sake of clarity, the current legal position in Scotland is that a maximum of four rods may be fished at the same time and those rods can be placed in rod rests. The use of livebaits is illegal.

In my original post I suggested that if you wanted to stay up to date with developments with the WFR then you should monitor the Scottish Governments website and that advice is still valid however, you could also monitor the SFCA's website ( or their Facebook site if you want the "anglers slant" on how things are going.

And as for progress, well the guys from the north confirm that progress is very slow, with no signs of any imminent changes being made to the status-quo.

Sorry to our readers if I have mislead anybody, particularly if you have spent any recent fishing outings north of the border nervously looking over your shoulder in case the polis turn-up?

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